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Protecting and improving open space and recreation land, and providing affordable housing opportunities.

Wed May 29, 2013

Community Room
Agawam Public Library
750 Cooper Street
Agawam, MA 01001

Affordable Housing: $         412,310
Historical Preservation: $           66,718
Open Space: $         637,074
Undesignated & Recreation: $         383,875
                        Total: $ 1,499,977



The Community Preservation Plan

The Community Preservation Plan reviews current resources, outlines the needs and possibilities for community preservation activities, articulates the CPC’s goals for funding, and sets out criteria to evaluate project proposals. The Plan is intended to serve as a guiding document for applicants, and is revised and updated annually to reflect changes in the CPC’s goals and process.

Click here to view the 2011 CPA Plan


The Community Preservation Committee Annual Public Hearing and Report

The Community Preservation Committee is required by to law to hold an annual public heraring to discuss the needs of the community.  At this time, the committee provides an annual report which includes a financial report of the CPA fund. 

Click here to view the 2012 CPA Annual Public Hearing Presentation 

Click here to view the CPA 2012 Financial Report.